Published Papers
Dell, A.I., S. Pawar, V.M. Savage. 2013. The thermal dependence of biological traits. Ecology 94: 1205. link

Pawar, S., A.I. Dell, V.M. Savage. 2012. Dimensionality of consumer search space drives trophic interaction strengths. Nature 486: 485–489. link

Dell, A.I., S. Pawar, V.M. Savage. 2011. Systematic variation in the thermal dependence of physiological and ecological traits. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, USA 108(26): 10591-10596. link

How to Cite the Global Biotraits Database
Publications using data from the Global Biotraits Database should cite our 2013 Ecology paper. 

Publications should acknowledge UCLA Department of Biomathematics, UCLA Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, as well as the primary granting agencies that currently support the Global Biotraits Database: NSF Award #1021010

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